Palazzo San Niccolò

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  • Palazzo San Niccolò is a hotel in Radda in Chianti, located in the heart of Chianti Classico and of Tuscany. The structure is perfect to spend a holiday of relax and sport. The hotel has in fact all the more modern comforts and at the same time offers to its guests several opportunities to practice exercise and various sports. Chianti has in fact always been one of the preferred places by cyclists, walkers, riders, golfers and bikers.

    Radda in Chianti is also perfect for tourists who, during their stay in Chianti, like to visit the cities of art: Siena is obviously very close, but also Florence, Arezzo Lucca and Pisa are very easy reachable. Furthermore the hotel can organize at any time several tours for its guests. The modernity of the hotel is also testified by its meeting room and the wine-bar Caffè San Niccolò, a real young bar where having a light lunch or an aperitif. The Hotel staff is also glad to inform its guests that is gay friendly.

    To all this you can add all the reasons why Chianti and Tuscany are famous: the typical cuisine, the good wine and a huge number of unique panoramic views. The Hotel is also perfect to spend just the weekend far from the noises and stresses of the everyday life. In fact it’s important to underline that the guests can enjoy all the services of the beauty centre of Palazzo Leopoldo, the other Hotel of Ross Hotels Group, just a few meters far from Palazzo San Niccolò. About this, the many special offers that the Hotel propose during the year are worth paying attention to… Tuscany and Chianti are waiting for you!

    There is nothing better for starting day that having breakfast in our private garden. The tree in the centre offers a natural and refreshing shadow and gives the possibility to taste a drink or a snack or a glass of good Chianti wine during summer afternoons.

    The perfect location to taste a light lunch of our Caffè San Niccolò, and then going on the day with a wine tasting in one of the cellars of the zone or spending time in one of the beautiful city like Siena or San Gimignano.

    The garden has also an internal courtyard, the ideal location for private cocktail and buffet for events like baptism or marriage. The garden appears at the front of the Church of San Niccolò, another advantage for people who desires to celebrate in this church.

    The square where Caffè San Niccolò is located is a nice stop where there is the possibility to admire theTown Hall palace and the historical fountain of Radda in Chianti. It is the perfect location for cocktails, aperitifs and little events and receptions.

    Hotel Palazzo San Niccolò is glad to offer to its guests a private parking without any extra charge. The hotel park is just outside the historical centre of Radda in Chianti. At check in the staff of the hotel will give to the guest an electronic card to open the gate of the park and the driving indications.

    With present and past, the bedrooms of Palazzo San Niccolò welcome guests with simple furniture with all the warmth of our land. On two floors the bedrooms are characterized by intense warm colours, ceiling with frescos, pavement in typical Tuscan cotto and the green window let light enter exulting the peculiarities.

    They have all the comforts; the telephone with direct line, the satellite led TV with flat screen, the digital safe box, the hairdryer, heating and air conditioning, minibar, wake up call, modern showers and comfortable hydro massage bathtubs; bedrooms are divided in Classic bedrooms, with hydro massage shower, in Superior bedrooms, with hydro massage bathtub; Deluxe bedrooms; Junior Suite; the Suite with independent entrance that is in our internal garden and our mansarda style bedrooms with the typical parquet in the pavement and the traditional Tuscan iron beds.

    In all the rooms there is a spacious wardrobe, where you can find the sacks for laundry service that is available for all the guests, a writing table with chair, a service room table and a useful bench for bags, many rooms have also comfortable armchairs.

    All the bathrooms have a lighted mirror and a lens mirror, soap and shampoo, fresh and perfumed linen. Moreover, the staff of the hotel is always at disposal for all the needs of the guests.

    The view from the bedrooms of Palazzo San Niccolò is that one of the Town Hall square, with its fountain and the arches of the ancient Palace of Podestà, and of the historical ways of the stoned buildings. The breakfast, a rich buffet of typical and home-made products, is served in the spacious room of the second floor, in the peaceful garden, in front of the Chuirch of San Niccolò, and in Caffè San Niccolo’.

    The Hotel Palazzo San Niccolò has two bedrooms for disabled people and welcomes guests with pets.

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