Shahpura Bagh

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  • Look beyond the beaten track amid the golden sands of Rajasthan and you will glimpse an oasis – A dazzling shimmer of sunshine on water that hovers on the edge of a mirage. Drive on. This is timeless Rajasthan – untouched by the creeping fingers of ‘modernity’ – unchanged in its unpretentious natural grandeur.

    In the early 1900’s, Rajadhiraj Nahar Singh of Shahpura mortgaged the family’s private property and jewels to bring water to his people. Today, the lakes he created, form the heart of a verdant wetland refuge – historic, picturesque, tranquil – an idyllic setting where man and nature have come to understand each other. Situated midway (4hrs drive, 220 Km from both) between Jaipur and Udaipur and easily accessible from hotels in Udaipur, Ranthambore and Jodhpur, Shahpura Bagh is the residence of the rulers of Shahpura. Travelers, since time immemorial, have always stopped to rest and refresh themselves at this oasis and the Shahpura family is famous for their warmth and hospitality.

    Shahpura bagh prides itself on providing an authentic bespoke home stay experience in Rajasthan. Life is unhurried here. The days filled with sunshine, conversation and picnics, fishing and boating on the lakes with lazy sundownners to trap the blazing sunset. Spontaneous excursions trace the history of the region through neighbouring forts and legends, rambles transform into safaris in the flash of a beckoning wing -the surrounding wetlands are a birdwatcher’s paradise, tempting even to the uninitiated.

    Shahpura Bagh is one of the predominant luxury hotels of Rajasthan, a place where you can rest, refresh, and revive yourself. A destination you can come home to…

    Shahpura Bagh has just 5 Royal Suites & 4 Suites ensuring a highly personalised experience… Each Suite / Bathroom has been individually designed with a different colour. Leaning towards the “minimalistic approach”, the design goal was on achieving the perfect balance of space, luxury and comfort. Handmade Kilms, and old Kashmiri carpets provide colour to the otherwise starkly ultra-smooth white lime plaster floors. The rooms are adorned with antique paintings and photographs belonging to the family for generations.

    Subtle lighting, large candle stands, 8 inch thick specially ordered spring mattresses coupled with luxurious bedding and music create a magical romantic atmosphere. State of the art bathrooms with twin wash basins, rain showers and organic Biotique toiletries compliment the luxury of the rooms..

    Antique furniture draped in luxurious silk jacquard upholstery & precious textiles are strategically placed within the suites. Warm silk & cotton satin curtains, contrasted with limestone cool walls made through an age old technique, provide the perfect contrast.

    The rooms are uncluttered and spacious, with the emphasis on light and openness achieved by high ceilings, large windows and wide doors leading to the lush greenery outside.

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  • Appears in list: North India golden triangle and Rajasthan itinerary